Bingo Blitz Tips

Bingo Blitz Tips

A good range of information and some cool tips for users of Bingo Blitz online.

Bingo Blitz is an online bingo game that can be played on facebook.  It is simple to use and can provide a lot of fun without costing any money. You don’t actually win any money but like many facebook games you are able to win credits, collection items and increase your levels over time.

Bingo blitz is an ideal way to unwind and enjoy some time playing a game that only requires the minimum of skill. An average game takes less than 3 minutes and is ideal to fit into a coffee break at work or at home.

Here is a simple guide to Bingo Blitz to get you started:

Once you join the game and allow facebook to access your details, you are given some credits to start playing Bingo Blitz with. There are several different rooms but you must start off in the beginner city Bingo Blitz room which is New York. This is the cheapest room in terms of Bingo Blitz credits as a card only costs one credit.

As you work your way up and increase your Bingo Blitz level you will be able to play in other city rooms like Sydney and Hong Kong but beware because these online Bingo rooms cost more credits and your credits are likely to be used at a faster rate.

In each Bingo Blitz room you will gain a collection item if you call Bingo on a card which has the corresponding shadow. The idea is to collect all items within a room over time so that you can receive a Bingo Blitz credit bonus.

The real key to gaining collection items and more credits is to build your very own Bingo Blitz team. This can be done by inviting friends from your facebook list or adding new friends that are already Bingo Blitz players.

If you look on the chat box which is situated on the left hand side, you will see people chatting, offering to trade collection items for Bingo Blitz rooms and also requesting that you add them. Unfortunately there is no quick add facility on Bingo Blitz at present and adding new Bingo Blitz players requires that you swap identities and go the long route by searching, finding and adding them on your own facebook account in the usual way. Once a facebook friend request has been sent and accepted, go to the invite box on Bingo Blitz and click to invite your new friend to play as part of your Bingo Blitz team. This is an easy process but always beware that like any platform game you could be open to hackers that occasionally trawl sites like Bingo Blitz hoping that you will add them. A good indicator that the person is a true Bingo Blitz player can be checked out by looking at their facebook feed for playing activity and also to see if they have a number of other Bingo Blitz friends in common. If you are in any doubt at all then do not add them or delete them if you are suspicious about their activity.

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